Northern lights photo on the front of promotional brochure

Northern lights photo on the cover of a brochure.Narvik municipality (Narvik kommune) contacted me, asking for permission to use a northern lights photo I took. They used it on the front cover of a promotional brochure they made in English, where they seek to draw people to the city.
They adjusted the colors according to the style and feel they wanted for the brochure, and did a good job.

The photo I selected was the best still image from a time lapse video I made in December 2016, in Skjomen, Narvik. It was actually taken with a GoPro Hero 4, which is surprisingly well suited to capture northern lights. The downside of using a GoPro is that the pictures are in a 4:3 aspect ratio unless you stretch or crop them. I would of course rather have used my Nikon for creating the time lapse, but I only had the GoPro available.
The GoPro was placed in a bench and held by the tripod from the 3-Way grip, which made it stable even though it was a bit windy that night. The shutter was set to 30 seconds, white balance to 3000K and ISO to 800. It was left for 2h 45min, taking about 330 pictures. Afterwards, I compiled it to a 22 second time lapse video.

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