Geocaching with the Suunto Ambit GPS watch

A classic geocache

Geocaching is a great sport that consists of locating physical containers (called a cache) by using a GPS device. In short, you find the GPS coordinates for nearby caches on, and enter them to into the GPS device. After locating the cache, you sign its physical logbook and use to log that you’ve found it. Geocaching is a great way of discovering new places, since the caches are usually placed on or near locations with something interesting to see, such as trails, places with great views, historical buildings, etc. There are currently¬†2,263,860 caches out there!

I usually use the Geocaching app on my smartphone, but having GPS enabled and the screen brightness on full really consumes battery.¬†When I was thinking about buying the Suunto Ambit GPS watch for exercise and exploring, I was curious about how it geocaching friendly it was. Continue reading “Geocaching with the Suunto Ambit GPS watch”